Don't Forget to Bring a Towel

There’s a saying in Maine, “If you don’t like the weather wait a minute”. Maine’s wettest seasons are typically the spring and fall. However, rain can come all year round. As we just had two major snow storms back to back in the past week, it’s hard to fathom spring is fast approaching. One of the best ways to stay warm and dry during Maine’s rainy season is to have outdoor protective gear such as rain coats, rain suits, and waterproof boots, and of course lots of dry towels on hand.

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What is a BOB? A BOB is a Bug Out Bag used as a quick grab-and-go bag, back pack or satchel, that has safety and survival supplies that will assist you in surviving an emergency or bad situation, such as a hurricane, tornado, flood or earthquake, or worse. If you haven't got a BOB made by now, you better get one started ASAP. I started mine around this time last year.

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